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Are you tired of feeling alone in your search for insurance? Look no further than Groups & Programs! Our team of experts is dedicated to finding the perfect coverage for you and your group.


Direct-Line has a wealth of experience in providing Group Home and Auto Insurance plans to Employer and Employee groups, Professional Associations, Alumni Associations, and Unions.

We work directly with each organization to tailor a program that meets the needs of the individual members. While these programs are voluntary in nature and offered to individual members, Direct-Line coordinates with each group to ensure members receive timely and useful information on how to access the program.

Additionally, there are no costs to the organization as well as no administration function. Direct-Line works with individual members, at their option, to tailor an individual home or auto insurance policy that will provide them with the coverage and service they need – all at competitive group rates.

Group Home and Auto Insurance plans offer an excellent no-cost benefit to organizations to help increase their value proposition to their members. Direct-Line recognizes the power of the strong referral that organizations have in recommending such a plan to their members. As such, we work closely with organizations to ensure we provide organizational benefits through sponsorship, on-site promotion, and organizational support. 


Tailor-made programs providing specialty insurance or unique value-added offerings is an area in which Direct-Line excels. Whether it’s setting up referral programs, commercial specialty packages, or home builder’s client programs, Direct-Line has the expertise, creativity, and the markets to design a unique program offering. ​ Our programs are designed to enhance the benefits of the organization for which they’re designed. No or low cost, minimal administration, and enhanced return on investment are specific items that Direct-Line incorporates into each program we design. If you’d like to find out more about what Direct-Line can do for your organization contact Gord Enders at 780-468-0611 or

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