Does Home Insurance in Alberta Cover Burst Pipes?

When you go away for a trip during the winter, you may probably worry about coming back home to a broken water supply or, worse, burst pipes. Problems like this come with dreaded expenses, but home insurance covers these home accidents. Right?

There’s no definite answer on whether home insurance policies cover burst pipes. So, if you didn’t read the fine print, you might be in trouble. Here’s the truth: insurers may cover water damage from accidental bursting pipes. However, there are insurance providers that don’t offer this solution. You need to know if your insurer is one of them.

Now, if you invested in home insurance in Alberta, Canada, perhaps you would ask if they cover water damage caused by these burst pipes. The answer depends on several essential factors you must consider, which this post provides, so read on.

What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Home insurance is a way to protect your home and everything inside against damages, losses, or theft. Basically, you pay premiums to your insurance company, and in return, you will have protection in the event of damage or destruction to your property. Some of the common risks involve fire, storms, falling objects, vandalism, lightning strikes, explosions, smoke, impact by vehicles, and, yes, water damage.

Does Home Insurance Cover Burst Pipes?

Home insurance typically covers cleaning and repairs caused by water damage resulting in burst pipes. So yes, home insurance typically may cover water damage from burst pipes. However, it would help if you keep in mind that you will only be covered if the event is sudden and accidental.

What Is the Cause of the Burst Pipe?

To know whether the damage caused by burst pipes will be covered by home insurance in Alberta, you should consider the cause of the burst pipe. The cause matters since insurance links to the cause of the damage recognized as a peril.

Now, home insurance doesn’t necessarily cover all hazards that can cause a pipe to burst. For example, maintenance issues like clogs and high-water pressure are not covered, whereas damage from tree roots is.

What Are the Circumstances Around Your Burst Pipe?

For you to know whether your insurance covers burst pipes, consider the circumstances. If you are away when a problem like this occurs, there is a limited window wherein you can successfully file a claim. Meanwhile, if the unfortunate event occurs while you and your family are at home, you will catch water damage more quickly and get the documentation together as soon as possible.

Sewer Back Up, Flooding and Sump Pump Failure

Usually, home insurance policies may cover water damage from flooding, sewage backup, and sump pump failure, provided these coverages have been added to the home insurance policy by way of endorsement.

Final Thoughts

Different types of water damage may significantly impact your home, so it’s essential to purchase home insurance. However, insurance policies vary widely depending on your insurer and your premiums. Before anything else, make sure you know what your policy covers and have contingencies if an unfortunate event like burst pipes occurs.

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