Why You Need to Get Car Insurance before Driving

Getting the chance to get on the road takes more than just acquiring a driver’s licence. Yes, it is the most important official document you will have as a car owner, but that’s not all! You must be thrilled to give your automobile a spin around town, but you’ll have to wait a while before you can be allowed to do that.

You might say that you already have a licence and underwent the necessary training, so what could be holding you up? Well, your car insurance—or the lack of it, rather.

What Is Car Insurance?

Your auto insurance is the contract between you and the insurance company. Depending on your policy, the company can reduce or pay for the costs incurred by an accident.

Insurance Rules in Alberta

Whether you’re a new car owner or you just moved into the country, you may not be too familiar with the vehicle regulations here. In Canada, having car insurance is mandatory; every vehicle travelling on a public road must be insured.

Vehicle insurance rules are similar over the provinces, though they do have some variations. The law requires you to get basic car insurance in Alberta, which covers accident benefits and third-party liability, but you don’t have to get additional insurance coverage.

Why You Should Get Your Car Insured

Whether you should get car insurance or not is out of the question since it’s mandatory, but understanding why you need it is a whole other matter. Instead of perceiving it as more bills to pay, think of it as protection not just for your vehicle but also for yourself. Car insurance can benefit you in so many ways, such as:

Ease Your Financial Burden

Some people think that they are invincible on the road. Accidents may happen to others, but not to you, right? On the contrary, everybody is prone to getting into accidents, even you! Preparing for the worst-case scenario by getting car insurance will protect you from costly repairs and hospital bills that you may incur if ever you get into an accident.

Avoid Penalties

You won’t be able to register your car without valid auto insurance. On the other hand, if your insurance policy expires, you need to have it renewed. If you don’t, you will need to pay for $2,875 up to $10,000 and other fees you may have to pay for. Fines range between $5,000 to $20,000 on the second ticket. Getting insurance sounds much more manageable than this, doesn’t it?

Provide Peace of Mind

Anything can happen on the road, so you need to be prepared for it. Driving without car insurance is not only against the law, but you are also putting yourself, your passengers, and other drivers in danger! Auto insurance will offer protection from vehicular incidents, so you can feel confident and relaxed while driving.


Gear up and get car insurance before getting on the road! It pays to be prepared—protect yourself from dangers and hefty bills, so you can always feel at ease when driving. Don’t take the risk and get an auto insurance policy from a trusted company that can provide what you need.

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